Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guess what I did first with my Samsung Tablet

Yesterday my  husband bought me a gift.He said its a samsung tablet,I was so excited to
open it but then the kids........after they slept one after other it was 10 pm,then I had my son's cloth diapers to be washed,cleaned up the kitchen and then came the time.I liked it very much but before exploring the feature I first visited myclothdiaperstash ,Julie's blog......My husband would have thought me crazy.My laptop crashed a few days ago ,it was by then I visited her blog.(She is also one of the reasons to start this blog).So those few days without laptop I was desperate without reading or to say researching about cloth diapers so the first thing that came to my mind having a tablet in hand was going back to my reading.

And today morning I woke up early finished my household chores just to update my newly started blog with my new tablet

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cloth diapering..

Yes my first and foremost post is going to be about cloth diapers.I am cloth diapering with my second child (boy).I was in India when I delivered my daughter. There it's more of a custom to use cloth diapers and wash them by hand but when I came here when my daughter was 5.5 months old I was helpless not knowing about the cloth diapers so I ended up on disposables.But when I started browsing about cloth diaper for my son I was surprised and excited to try them . So my first purchase was Thirsties duo wrap blue color from amazon. Again silly me did not have time to go through YouTube to figure out how to get tight fit with the snaps , I was just wrapping him with the cover inside a Gerber cloth diaper .Then after a week's use I figured out how to do that.Then went on reading reviews and doing some research and bought bum genius pocket with snaps the ribbit color. I started loving those , so in night times and occasionally DS was in disposables .It was by then I remember having a coupon of 5 $ off in a cloth diaper store nearby ( baby junk )which I got somewhere when I was pregnant . So I bought 8 osocozy premium prefolds, Thirsties duo wrap with Velcro , bum genius elemental with Velcro , econobum one size cover ,charlie banana one size pocket.( I had 3 coupons so managed 15$ off totally. After a couple of days again I ordered fuzzi buns one size and bum genius butternut with Velcro from amazon along with snappies . At this point I was watching stash videos and reading blogs about cloth diaper which helped me find sweetbottoms baby boutique ,I was happy with free shipping option and free samples so I ordered kawaii night time pocket and then used the buy 5 get one bum genius sale and bought 6 bum genius pockets with snaps and kawaii fun prints.I also came across cotton babies from which i bought bum genius detergent which I do not like.Now my biggest challenge being in a apartment is washing which I will cover up in another post. And yes Iam cloth diapering my son to save his butt and my husband's pocket .