Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today's entry

After a long time of 'Today's entry post ' , its because I was busy with my family and other
chores.To gain extra entries in giveaways , we will have to blog about them too sometimes.
1.I am entering on the giveaway of 25$ target or amazon gift card on Life in the lost world.Click on the link to enter the same.The giveaway ends July 24th.
2.FYSF,the Feed Your Stash Friday for this week from diaper junction features 2 fuzzi bunz diapers of winners choice of size and available colors .Here is a link to the giveaway.
Good luck to you all
Have you ever blogged about a giveaway just for gaining entries?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am going back to gym say after 5 months, my last visit was in January.Now I have really turned into a couch potota with a excuse tha I am tired looking after two kids.Wanted to burn some calories and explore the new(to me) form of group excerise , yes its Zumba.Today is the first day and for first 5 minutes in the class, I could not stop myslef from laughing, mirrors infront of you, instructor with a mike and seeing all these I was laughing and felt like I will not be able to do it, but then today I managed for 30 minutes.I go to the Y, YMCA, its fantastic , there are lots of activities going on through out the year or adults and kids.Per month its 60$ for a family with free day care for your kids for 2 hours a day while you are in the Y.Thats nice right?Well my son did well in the day care and he had fun watching kids around.I am thinking of going to Zumba on 2 days and yoga on 2 days.

What was your experience going to the gym after delivey? After how many months you started work outs and how did your child take it up?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wolby bug one size covers

When it comes to diaper covers, I prefer one size covers as I do not want to spend as and when the baby grows.I discovered flip covers but they had their own drawback of the prefold/flat folding or bunching up at the back, but I was very much happy and cotended with those.I had 3 solid color flip covers ,it was by then I came to know about wolby bug diaper covers from Julie's review ,considering the price,I thought I will give them a try, Wow, I wish I knew them earlier.I have two of wolby bug, cow print and black color.Not many diapers or diaper covers come in balck color .These covers are awesome and are my go to covers because I can use them on a prefold without snappi and be doubtless about their leak proof and holding capacity.My son is EBF and I need not tell you ladies about the poopy suprises , but these covers hold them really good on a pad folded green mountain red edge prefold.My only suggestion (come on we ladies won t be satisfied with anything , we keep on improving) would be the velcro option because my stash is full of snapped one size pockets and covers.To know where and the deal at which I bought these check out my deal or steal post here.Overall its one of the MUST HAVE diaper cover for a prefold /flat using mama

What is your pick? One sized or sized diaper coves?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Wet bag

We all know that wet bag is an important accessory for cloth diapering,I realised this only after a month of cloth diapering.Earlier I used to store the wet diapers in a basket and soiled dipaers in another basket in the bathrroom.Sounds crazy right?? .Then I thought wheather to buy a pail or wet bag?.Well, I opted wet bag for reasons.
1.I also have another child who is 3 years old, I am very sure about her curiousity when I have a trash can with a cover and diapers inside it.I can assure that she will open everytime she sees that.
2.A wet bag does not even tell my guests that it has got used dipaers in it.
3.Reusage.What will I do with the pail container once I am  done with cloth dipaering?,use it has a trash can ? I alreday have 1 tall trash can and 2 small ones.If its a wet bag, after
clothdiapering I have two options, one I can sell them , donate them or whatever, second I can use it for swim dress.
So I opted for a zippered wet bag and was about to purchase planet wise or Kissalauvs, but then I googled for "cheap wet bags" and I found about dipaer palz and I bought one small travel wet bag and one large bag to try , the ladies in diaper palz usually do a monthly deal like 50% off any one or two specific colors, that month when I ordered(June 2012) it was purple and blue.I bought purple ones and both cost me around 16$ including tax and shipping.I got them in a week and was surprised , they looked as good quality ones, I have never used any other brands before but this looked good, so the next week I ordered 1 travel and 1 large in blue color , this time I found a coupon code that was given to a blogger to share with her readers.I also came to know about the cheap alva baby ones, so I bought two travel sizes in those , they were like 6$ each.So I have 2 large and 4 travel bags.I am planning on using one of the travel bags to put on swim clothes.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today's entry


1.Charlie banana training pants (15/73)
2.The live clean baby collection (8/24)
3.JJ Cole swaddle blanket
4.Myla bag from JJ Cole
5.Fuzzi bunz perfect size diaper (6/13)
6.Baby babu (52/91) kicks 3g diaper(3/4)
8.Tiny bush 1.1 (10/11)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Today's entry

1. 25$ Starbucks gift card
2.Thirtsties AIO (6/10)
3.Ahmelie swaddling blaket (6/11)
4.Sun baby diaper (4/9)
5.Lotus Bumz diaper (7/10)
6.Babykicks diaper (5/10)
7.Oh Katy diapers (7/10)
Jurors wrinkle friends (4/10)
8.Baby babu diapers from adventures of mommyhood (37/38)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Today's entry

1. The little bee cloth diaper from mama cup mama .(24/40)
2. Jordan's made in USA
3. Blankz toy (15/57)
4.Kindle fire (27/158) funny right?
5.5 Party flats (9/45)
6. Oh Katy diapers (16/22)
7. Baby Babu diapers (15/21)
8. Velata foundue warmer (5/8)
9.Bath and body works gift card (12/42)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today's entry

Today I am entering the following ;
1.A folded contour diaper made by Adrianna.The entries are all supereasy so I made all the 5 entries.There are 2 size options and a winner for each size.You can enter here.
2.April baby's one size diaper cover from dailymothering .I have 44/91entries
3.Green pumpkins kitchen wet bag from Joyful Giraffe.Another super easy 3 entries.
4.Happy green life laundry products .I have 19/28 entries
5.iPad3 from Mia Mariu
6.Tinylove Sunny stroller .I have 31/42 entries.
7.OOFOS slippers with 6 entries of the total 10
8.Carter 's watch the wear with 7 of the total 10 entries
9.Smartklean strain remover with 7 entries of the total 10
10.50$ Small concept gift certificate .9 out of the total 7 entries
11.Claire bear baby onesie .Entered 6/9 entries.
12.Bum cheeks diapers .(6/8)
13.Scentsy spray and lotions .(7/9)
14.Poptillas snacks (7/10)
15.Twirlyz bands (6/9)

Today's entry

Well continuing to enter the          Summer giveaway hop June 21-3

Mama's Baby cupcakes                         19/38 entries
Soeasybeinggreen                                  15/19 entries
Thereynoldsmom                                    52/132 entries
greenbabygoods                                     33/43 entries
happymothering                                      11/105 entries
cammostylelove                                      64/134 entries
housebyshannon                                     24/183 entries
mummyknowsreviews                           28/73 entries
thebalanced mama                                   5/5 entries
sbmyphotopage                                       4/20 entries
newlycrunchymamaof3                          20/96 entries

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby babu one size diaper giveaway

I have heard many good things about those diapers which I wanted to try for a long time.They do have lots of fun prints for a very reasonable price of 11.99$.
Iam entering one of their Giveaways at
Only few hours left for the give away , go grab your entries.
You can also buy their diapers at

I have 42 of the total 49 entries

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Today's entry

I am entering many giveaways nowadays with the belief that doors open only when knocked :-)

1.   Mandi from newlywedcatholic blog does a giveaway every month , so don t forget to stop by first of every month on her blog for a giveaway, I am entering on the baby babu diaper giveaway , you can also enter at

I entered 8 out of 12 entries.

2.    Little love buns cloth diaper detergent with scent of winner's choice.You can enter at

I entered 7 out of 19 entries.

3. Poopsie  doodles giveaway ends on July 13th .You can enter at

I made 5 out of 6 entries