Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Wet bag

We all know that wet bag is an important accessory for cloth diapering,I realised this only after a month of cloth diapering.Earlier I used to store the wet diapers in a basket and soiled dipaers in another basket in the bathrroom.Sounds crazy right?? .Then I thought wheather to buy a pail or wet bag?.Well, I opted wet bag for reasons.
1.I also have another child who is 3 years old, I am very sure about her curiousity when I have a trash can with a cover and diapers inside it.I can assure that she will open everytime she sees that.
2.A wet bag does not even tell my guests that it has got used dipaers in it.
3.Reusage.What will I do with the pail container once I am  done with cloth dipaering?,use it has a trash can ? I alreday have 1 tall trash can and 2 small ones.If its a wet bag, after
clothdiapering I have two options, one I can sell them , donate them or whatever, second I can use it for swim dress.
So I opted for a zippered wet bag and was about to purchase planet wise or Kissalauvs, but then I googled for "cheap wet bags" and I found about dipaer palz and I bought one small travel wet bag and one large bag to try , the ladies in diaper palz usually do a monthly deal like 50% off any one or two specific colors, that month when I ordered(June 2012) it was purple and blue.I bought purple ones and both cost me around 16$ including tax and shipping.I got them in a week and was surprised , they looked as good quality ones, I have never used any other brands before but this looked good, so the next week I ordered 1 travel and 1 large in blue color , this time I found a coupon code that was given to a blogger to share with her readers.I also came to know about the cheap alva baby ones, so I bought two travel sizes in those , they were like 6$ each.So I have 2 large and 4 travel bags.I am planning on using one of the travel bags to put on swim clothes.

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