Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today's entry

Today I am entering the following ;
1.A folded contour diaper made by Adrianna.The entries are all supereasy so I made all the 5 entries.There are 2 size options and a winner for each size.You can enter here.
2.April baby's one size diaper cover from dailymothering .I have 44/91entries
3.Green pumpkins kitchen wet bag from Joyful Giraffe.Another super easy 3 entries.
4.Happy green life laundry products .I have 19/28 entries
5.iPad3 from Mia Mariu
6.Tinylove Sunny stroller .I have 31/42 entries.
7.OOFOS slippers with 6 entries of the total 10
8.Carter 's watch the wear with 7 of the total 10 entries
9.Smartklean strain remover with 7 entries of the total 10
10.50$ Small concept gift certificate .9 out of the total 7 entries
11.Claire bear baby onesie .Entered 6/9 entries.
12.Bum cheeks diapers .(6/8)
13.Scentsy spray and lotions .(7/9)
14.Poptillas snacks (7/10)
15.Twirlyz bands (6/9)

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