Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am going back to gym say after 5 months, my last visit was in January.Now I have really turned into a couch potota with a excuse tha I am tired looking after two kids.Wanted to burn some calories and explore the new(to me) form of group excerise , yes its Zumba.Today is the first day and for first 5 minutes in the class, I could not stop myslef from laughing, mirrors infront of you, instructor with a mike and seeing all these I was laughing and felt like I will not be able to do it, but then today I managed for 30 minutes.I go to the Y, YMCA, its fantastic , there are lots of activities going on through out the year or adults and kids.Per month its 60$ for a family with free day care for your kids for 2 hours a day while you are in the Y.Thats nice right?Well my son did well in the day care and he had fun watching kids around.I am thinking of going to Zumba on 2 days and yoga on 2 days.

What was your experience going to the gym after delivey? After how many months you started work outs and how did your child take it up?

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