Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deal or a Steal?

Cloth diapering saves money but it would save more if you buy them in deals.Yesterday  I just came across cloth diaper outlet's deals, wow its awesome.Actually I was looking to buy  wolbybug covers  after reading its review in Julie's blog, but I  could not find  a retailer,so I left a comment in My Clothdiaper stash asking her where I can buy them, she was so happy to  share a code wolbyfree to use in mycloth diaper outlet .Yes wolbyfree is  you get  a free wolbybugcover when you purchase above 25$.I bought grovia shells and  one wolbybug cover in cow prints,I will be getting a free wolby cover worth 10$  in black colour.Yes ladies look out for deals when you buy cloth diaper, it would be a steal.

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