Saturday, June 2, 2012

My wash routine

Hmmm the biggest challenge for me is washing.I live in a apartment and I cannot use the shared laundry for 3 main reasons. One the cost , second people around will not accept it, third I feel its not hygenic , of course i do wash my children's clothing there but still I am not ok with cloth diapers .There are other options like diaper service but again the cost.So I hand wash them.First I clean off the poop by holding the dirty diaper in toilet bowl and pour water on the diaper with a cup until all the poops fall off, this is THE CHALLENGING AND HAND PAINING task, then I rub the soiled part with the excess fabric in cloth diapers , so the left over dirt goes off, then I soak all wet diapers in a bucket water with bum genius detergent for 15 minutes at the minimum, then just agitate each cloth diaper in hand just by taking the cloth and pounding it in tub,rinse each of them individually ,then a hot rinse ,then a cold rinse, then a final rinse with a spoonful of Dettol , yes the magic.I buy Dettol usuall from Indian stores here.Using dettol in the final rinse is one of the habits I follow right from India ,it gives a good smell (I like the smell ),also a antiseptic so I like using it.Then after the final rinse I wring it and hang it in my cloths line which I keep inside my house right infront of the balcony ,so the rest SUN does. I do this washing twice a day one in afternoon , one in night excluding the soaking time it takes around 15 minutes for a wash.It is a hectic process , but now after reading about flat challenge in Julie 's blog, I think a plunger would be easy.Lets see how it works . P.S just got my diaper sprayer yesterday :-) Please read my updated wash routine after establishing my perfect stash . Leave a comment if you have a different wash routine or method

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