Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guess what I did first with my Samsung Tablet

Yesterday my  husband bought me a gift.He said its a samsung tablet,I was so excited to
open it but then the kids........after they slept one after other it was 10 pm,then I had my son's cloth diapers to be washed,cleaned up the kitchen and then came the time.I liked it very much but before exploring the feature I first visited myclothdiaperstash ,Julie's blog......My husband would have thought me crazy.My laptop crashed a few days ago ,it was by then I visited her blog.(She is also one of the reasons to start this blog).So those few days without laptop I was desperate without reading or to say researching about cloth diapers so the first thing that came to my mind having a tablet in hand was going back to my reading.

And today morning I woke up early finished my household chores just to update my newly started blog with my new tablet

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