Thursday, June 28, 2012

What it takes to cloth diaper in a apartment

I want this post to let all know that  what it takes to cloth diaper without washer and dryer.Who knows one day or the other my daughter would read this and be determined to cloth diaper my grandchildren.First is determination,be strong in your decision of cloth diapering, yes it takes your time but then your little ones skin is saved.As of now the only 2 good things that I m doing to my son to my knowledge is cloth diapering and breast feeding.Second for handwashing prefods and flats are The BEST option.Well we are all tempted with the fancy pockets, AIOs,fitted etc., etc., etc....... but they all take time to dry, believe me the pocket inserts take 2 days to dry when hangdry inside the apartment on the shades of sun(It is on average 80 degrees out here), instead you can buy covers with fun prints, I like flip covers than the thirsties, now after reading a post on Julie's blog about wolbybug covers, I very much wanted to try them.Flats dry faster than prefolds,my walmart flour sacks get to dry in at a maximmum of 4 hours when hanged inside the apartment cloths line.You will need a diaper sprayer .At first I thought diaper sprayer would be a added expense but my work of cleaning the poopy diapers is a breeze now.I wash soiled diapers daily and just wet ones once in 1.5 days,so I use a wet bag to store those diapers.Stains on your diapers while breast feeding is not a surprise , after using the sprayer just spray bac out biokleen on the fabric where strains are there.Once washing is done use a cloth stand or clothsline to dry them , you can get one from walmart for 20$ or so.Above all ,have enough diapers in your stash, all days are not the same with baby ,one day he might be more generous in giving surprises in his diapers , other days mom might be busy , so have enough or more than enough of diapers and covers .Do not feel shy to use cloth diapers when out and about or at a friend's place , I say this because one day my dear husband told me that "I appreciate you using cloth diapers at home, but why don t we use disposable while going out or atleast use disposable wipes when going out,people might think that I am very stingy not buying even wipes for my son".Then I explained him and made clear that he was wrong, I use what I feel is good for my son, so there is no thoughts of what others think.

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