Thursday, September 27, 2012

Graco Luv n Hug swing

Usually before I buy a product be it be 10$ or 1000$ I go about the reviews, but one thing I bought with a average review or to say with poor comments is Graco Luv n Hug swing . I wanted a swing which is a plug in swing so that I can avoid changing batteries often , this was the one I found but for 130$ the review was average with comments like it won t work after a month or so . But I found it for 130$ with a 10% off+ 20% off with free shipping to home in babiesRus,Could I ask more ? I thought if its not functioning properly I can always return.So far I have been using this since my son was 2 months old so far so good , (now he is 7 months)also to mention that we don t use the swing daily .I have also heard that grace sends a spare motor if you have issues with the motor of swing provided you are in the warranty period. Now with the usage first I thought its a waste of money but when I need my time of the day I put him in the swing to fall asleep which he will not if I put him in his crib or I rock him.And it does helps when he was suffering with cold.In the past week I am totally relying on the swing for his naps.The only drawback I would say is that the fabric kind of makes him sweaty so I usally put a gerber brand flat on that part of fabric where is head rests.And yes more than my son, my 31/2 year old daughter has used that a lot to swing by herself without the motor's help and she loves to do that even though we have told her not to do that.

What kind of swing do you use? Do you think the swing really helps you?

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